What is facial treatment?

With scraping as the primary therapy, the treatment promotes the growth of new skin cells, helps renew the complexion, tightens the face and chin, and strengthens the skin. It is preventive for acne and breakouts, helps decongest the sinuses and has shown lasting effects for combating dark skin, pigmentation, dark circles, and fine lines.

How are TCM facial therapy carried out?

The TCM approach to beauty starts from within. The facial treatment at Aegle includes “gua-sha” (“刮痧”) facial, which involves scraping of the face to purge the underlying toxins, followed by a facial massage and a herbal facial mask to create a tightened and radiant complexion. Facial scraping uses a little scraping tool to massage and release stagnation, muscle tension, and tightness.

Who will benefit TCM facial therapy?

Our day-to-day exposure to dirt and UV rays slowly damages our skin. Anyone who’s looking at restoring it to its rejuvenated look and youthful glow is encouraged to try the TCM facial therapy. The procedures utilises consistent strokes along specific channels and acupoints on the face. In general, this method is used to decongest the skin, improve blood circulation and enhance the ability of the skin to absorb products.

When should you seek for a facial therapy?

The frequency and interval depends on your current skin condition and expected output. For best result, it is best to consult our expert healthcare and wellness professionals.

Where to go for TCM facial therapy?

We believe that the healing process should begin with a relaxing, peaceful, and tranquil environment once you enter our sanctuary. For a professional TCM facial therapy, contact us at +65 6779 4266 / enquiries@aegletcm.com to make an appointment.