Testimonials from our Patients

Mira Seo

41 yrs old – Professor

I suffered from headaches, jaw, neck and shoulder pain. I felt some relief, more relaxed especially in the face after the treatment. Thank you!

Ariel Goh

35 yrs old – Teacher

I experienced lower back pain for a few years after a bad fall. Seek treatment from many Western and Chinese physicians but were not successful.

My back pain was relieved after acupuncture and tuina treatment by Dr. Kong.

Celine Kwek

49 yrs old

I experienced hot flashes as part of my menopause symptom. I was also having sleep disorder and over weight problem.

After treatment the hot flashes was relieved and my menstrual was back to normal cycle. My quality of sleep was improved and I’m undergoing TCM weight management program now.

Dr. Kong is friendly and helpful. He is very professional in dealing with his patients. I will try other stress relief therapy and recommend my friends to try TCM treatment at Aegle Wellness Clinique.

Asifa Zaidi

74 yrs old – Retired Teacher

I had backache from lower back to ankle all the time. It was not even manageable painkillers. My mobility was restricted, posture was bend. I could not stand up straight.

After treatment the pain was 50% better and I do not have it all the time. My posture has improved and I could stand up straight now for some time.

The clinic is very comfortable and has a positive energy in the place. The staff and doctor are very friendly, co-operative and competent. We have a wonderful experience dealing with Aegle Wellness Clinique.